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Amen ICA Cinema 2002 10 min

Amen ICA Cinema is a palindromic  video, completed on a palindromic date -the 20th February 2002. These palindromes ("running backwards" in Greek), are magic spells, things absurd yet logical and symmetrical. In the film a man and a woman are condemned to go over incidents in their relationship, backwards and forwards, endlessly. Even their very speech is reversed.

Meanwhile in a series of mirrored images, surreal events occur- a plane comes in to land and suddenly flies back; a waterfall flows upwards.

Dedicated to all those with reversible names - Dr. Awkward, Otto, Hannah, Norah's mum Sharon, Eve, Bob, and Abba. And Tim Smit.

Commissioned by Lovebytes in association with the Studio of the North

Actors Madeleine Bowyer and Jerry Killick

Producer Kim Bour

Lighting Camera Andy Lowe

Sound design Joakim Sundström

Music Jamie McCarthy

Script, direction and editing Steve Hawley

2002 Amen ICA Cinema 10 minVideo Lovebytes Festival Sheffield 2002. Brno 16 Film festival, Czech Republic, 2002. Vancouver Videopoem Festival Canada 2002 (award winner, most innovative video). Sonar Festival Barcelona 2003 Geneva Biennale Image en Mouvement 2003 Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin. Podewil Cinema Berlin 2004

Amen ICA Cinema 2002