steve hawley


artists’ film and video

Similar to Nothing 2005 (with Steve Dutton) 8 min

Video funded by AHRC. S1 Salon Sheffield 2005. Lausanne Underground Film Festival 2005. Best of LAUFF Zurich 2005.VAD Digital Arts Festival Girona, Spain, 2005 (Special Mention). POST, Residence Gallery London 2005.

A performer walks around a nineteenth century swimming pool, and the camera follows him. But the same image is presented twice on one screen, one picture displaced by eight seconds. Because of the delay, one set of events happens before the other, and the man seems to be interacting with his stranger, other self. The viewer sees the present and the past at the same time.

As the film runs the mood changes as the uncanny doppleganger disappears and we are left with the swirling empty walls of the disused building.

Camera and editing Steve Hawley and Steve Dutton

Performer Jeremy Killick

Funding Arts and Humanities Research Council

Similar to Nothing 2005

(with Steve Dutton)