steve hawley


artists’ film and video

Speech Marks 2004 3 min

3 minutes 22 sec ,  DVD Dolby 5.1 audio

VAD Digital Arts Festival Girona 2004 (Special Award Prizewinner). Chroma 2004 Mexico City. San Francisco Art Institute 2005. Videoformes Clermont Ferrand France 2005. 11th Biennale Image en Mouvement Geneva 2005.

Speech Marks was one of the first art videos shot entirely on an early mobile phone, and edited digitally. The limits of the phone as a video camera were challenging at that point; the image was low quality and small in size, and there was a maximum length of 9 seconds per shot (on that first cameraphone). To use these limitations creatively the piece builds up a collage of moving images, a series of marks that build a fragmented picture in space and time.

The scenes are a collection of moments drawn from  life; an art opening, a day in the garden, a meeting at work.

Using the phone in this way to transmit pictures instead of speech harks back to the early days of television, when low quality images were sent by phone lines in the 1920s, by the Scottish TV pioneer John Logie Baird.  These primitive stuttering images  and lo fi sounds celebrate the everyday.

Speech Marks 2004