steve hawley


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1990 Trout Descending a Staircase 1min.

Commissioned by BBC 2's The Late Show and the Arts Council.

“In a more lyrical manner we find Steve Hawley's "Trout Descending a Staircase"  which explores the coincidence of the apparently insignificant (a bunch of flowers, assorted vegetables, a fish) with the power of the computer and its representational transformative potential. Through establishing such contradictory conjunctions of information Hawley can apply a deconstructive lever to his subject, the relationship between representation and its means, in what is a surreal and poetic amalgam.” Simon Biggs

A satire about painting and technology, made with a Fairlight CVI.

Broadcast BBC2 1990.. German video art prize 1994. Broadcast  VPRO TV Holland 1993, Meisterstein TV Germany 1993, Sudwestfunk TV 1994, SBS TV Australia 1995.

Trout Descending a Staircase 1990