steve hawley


artists’ film and video

1982 We Have Fun Drawing Conclusions  7 min

Broadcast Channel 4 1985 as part of the programme Video 123. Broadcast WGBH Boston TV. Kitchen, New York. Part of the Second Link touring video exhibition, MoMA New York, Stedelijk, ICA.

"Steve Hawley sets words and images more pointedly against each other, so each questions the status and veracity of the other. His early works, mostly shot on video, included the nicely subversive We Have Fun Drawing Conclusions (1982), based on the then-standard Janet and John children's books, that undermined their unrealistically optimistic and stereotype-reinforcing images and texts with a subtly rewritten story in voice-over."

David Curtis, A History of Artists' Film and Video in Britain. British Film Institute, 2007.

We Have Fun Drawing Conclusions was one part of the “illogical trilogy” Bad Reasons. A series of images from the Ladybird series of childrens’ readers start to create a story of defined sex roles. Bad premises make bad arguments

We Have Fun Drawing Conclusions 1982