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2019 Clermont-Ferrand Festival du Court Metrage. Language Lessons prsented in special programme, Short in Translation.

2019 member of International jury Clermont-Ferrand Festival di Court Metrage.

2018 Speech 8 min 30 sec

videos from Youtube combined where dictators and politicians give speeches in English.

2018 War Memorial: The Calling Blighty films and remembrance, long article published in The Journal of Media, War and Conflict

2018 Public screening/talk, Texture Manchester The Manchester Time Machine

Jan 2018. MeCCSA conference South Bank University. Screening of War memorial. Conference paper, The Calling Blighty films; documentsry, research, and creativity.

Repeats of Channel 4 programme made by Oxford Scientific Films about the Calling Blighty project  Messages Home: Lost Films of the British Army

Broadcast:   19 Nov 2017, 19:00    Channel 4

Nov 2017 Central Library Manchester Screening of poetry film collaboration with poet Michael Symmons Roberts, Terra Nullius, from his book Mancunia

1st Nov 2017. Screening, Kinoculture Cinema Oswestry

7th Sep 2017 BFI Southbank, NFT3 Conference presentation 1960s British Cinema: Histories and Legacies. ‘Sex up North. Viewing Morgan through The Family Way’

War memorial  screened at the Kerala International Documentary and Short Film Festival 16-20 June 2017

12th June 6.30 War Memorial premiered at Sheffield DocFest 2017. Nominated for Best Short Documentary Award.

26th March 2017 Showroom Cinema Sheffield screening Calling Blighty to relatives of men from rare WW2 films, following appearances on YTV Calendar twice, Radio Sheffield to succesfully trace the men

Dec 2016 Midpointedness. Airspace Stoke. Barnum Effect

Sep 2016 Co-editor Intellect published book. Imaging the City – art, creative practices and media speculations. Author, chapter. Manchester as a mythical city; reflections in art and locative media.

27th June 2016 Radio Sheffield/Sheffield Star. Interview/article about Calling Blighty Sheffield. WW2 film project reuniting families with film of men in Far East theatre. Funded £5K Film Hub North

25th June 2016 Channel 4 Messages Home; Lost Films of the British Army. Film about Steve Hawley Marion Hewitt project Calling Blighty.Oxford Scientific Films (OSF), in association with Manchester’s North West Film Archive and the Imperial War Museum, has produced a 1 x 60’ special called Messages Home: Lost Films of the British Army for Channel 4. The film celebrates Britain’s 14th Army by revealing unique filmed messages they sent home to their nearest and dearest. Now, this extraordinary re-discovered footage of the Forgotten Army provides a unique insight into an often unknown part of the Second World War.

20th-22nd June 2016. TimeDoc Pamplona , Spain conference. Paper and screeing Epistle from a distant war: rare sync sound films of WW2 soldiers speaking rediscovered. Voice, memory and authenticity

27th April 2016. Talk Birmingham School of Media. The outsider as visionary;The films of George Higginson, 1920s amateur filmmaker and pioneer of media studies

April 2016. Journal of Writing and Creative Practice 8:2. Place-based Arts: Post-industrial landscapes. Article Title  South Home Town; film and the imaginary city. JWCP 8:2 includes work from: Dave Jackson John Clarke Kevin Crooks Helen Tookey Steve Hawley

Julian Stannard


23rd Nov 2015. HOME A Message Home/Calling Blighty. In collaboration with Marion Hewitt and the North West Film Archive. Project to create new film and host events recreating screenings of messages from 600 Manchester servicemen (and 2 women) filmed in the Far East in 1944-5. Funded by BFI Film Audience Network.

South Home Town 2015 (with Tony Steyger) screened at Southampton International  Film Festival Oct 2015; nominated best editing, cinematography

South Home Town 2015 (with Tony Steyger) premiered at New York Independent Film Festival Oct 2015

South Home Town 2015 (with Tony Steyger) screened at URBAN MEDIA STUDIES: CONCERNS, INTERSECTIONS AND CHALLENGES

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science, 24-25 September 2015

SLSAeu conference on Scale Malta 15-18 June 2015

Conference paper Minutopia and the English model village

29th May 2015 Brighton Writes University of Brighton. Conference paper

South Home Town; film and the imaginary city

Dec 2014 We Have Fun Drawing Conclusions included in New Contemporaries Moving Image 1968-2010

Produced to coincide with New Contemporaries' 65th anniversary, this

compilation selected by world-renowned artists Ed Atkins, Harold Offeh

and Catherine Yass, reveals the rich history of artists' moving image

in New Contemporaries between 1968 and 2010.

Dec 12th 2014 to February 7th 2015 Stranger than Known; South Home Town.

Solent showcase Gallery Southampton. Video installation (with Tony Steyger) looking at the myth of the city in the 50th anniversary of its inauguration.

1st to 4th October 2014 Manchester as a Mythical City; representations in film, the novel and new media. Conference paper. The Mediated City Woodbury University Los Angeles.

1st to 3rd April 2014 Locative narrative and an iPhone app; Manchester as a mythical city. Conference paper; The Mediated City . Ravensbourne University.

2014 14.3. to 13.4. Possession (ll). Lanchester Gallery Projects. Curated by Brian Curtin and Steve Dutton. Includes Actor 2013 and new palindromic text piece Won’t Lovers revolt now? 2014.

Includes Maud Haya Baviera, Doug Fishbone, Viet Le, Andrew Bracey and others.

18 Feb 2014. Narrative, Cinema, and the Gallery. Conference presentation at Canterbury Christ Church University. Part of White Cube/Dark Cube, Experimental Cinema and the gallery

8th Jan 2014 Digital Echoes 2014 conference Coventry University. The Archive as Art, paper on working with a film archive from the artists’s point of view.

Wed 6th November; Future Station at METAL: talk by Steve Hawley on his video work over the last 30 years

Sep 16th. Motion Capture; the inner life of the marionette. Article in Animation Studies 2.0 featuring Actor 2013

SEAMLESS The Digital in Design’ – an exhibition of works created by staff from the Manchester School of Art – on display at MAO in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 19 September to 3 November 2013.

Exhibition orginated by Steve Hawley and features generative video piece YARN

2013 POSSESSION at Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre BACC

Curated by Brian Curtin and Steve Dutton. Includes a new specially made version of Actor 2013

What does artistic agency - and attendant questions of authorship and subjectivity - mean in an era when internet culture and digital technology have blurred, if not all but obliterated, issues and notions of singularity, specificity and context; and what might this mean in relation to what were once understood as the subversive properties of appropriation, revision and reproduction?

Includes Maud Haya Baviera, Susan Collins, Doug Fishbone, Kornkrit Jianpinidnan, Viet Le, Andrew Bracey and others.

Thursday 24th January Manchester City Art Gallery

Manchester as a mythical city
6.30pm Talk and film showing by Professor Steve Hawley, Manchester School of Art

What makes a city into myth? Manchester is examined through three works of fiction, the 1959 British film noir Hell is a City (filmed on location around Piccadilly), W.G Sebald’s 1993 novel The Emigrants, and Michel Butors’ 1956 novel L’emploi du Temps. Also screening Yarn, showing from 4pm in the lecture theatre before his talk. Yarn as a generative narrative film than only exists as a DVD; the programming plays scenes and soundtracks at random to create a never ending, never repeating story.

2013. We Have Fun Drawing Conclusions to be included  in a forthcoming DVD being published by New Contemporaries, in collaboration with LUX selected by Ed Atkins, Harold Offeh and Catherine Yass.

The DVD will feature over 50 works spanning more than four decades, and will come with a small booklet giving a history of film/video in New Contemporaries.

Chemistry of Incidence 15.6.2012. Speech Marks and Love Under Mercury shown at Sheffield Fringe, curated by Esther Johnson.Sheffield Fringe is an artist-led curatorial project, exploring the confluence point between art & documentary practice. It was first staged as a nano festival in June 2011 to coincide with Sheffield Doc/Fest.

March 2012 Manchester Time Machine

Launch of a new  iPhone app I have developed with the North West Film Archive, the first to combine archive footage with GPS to present a window though time of th contemporary city. Reviewed in the Sun!

Steve Hawley creative direction, Marion Hewitt North West Film Archive, app developer Darren Dancey

21 Visual Arts Centre Not to Scale 3 March to 19 May 2012

A Modern Romance

Paul Collinson, Matthew Conduit, Esther Johnson, Salvatore Fiorello, Steve Hawley, Helen Saunders, Michael Szpakowski, Sean Williams, Jonathan Wilkinson

The concept of ‘Romantic’ landscape emerged in the 19th Century when creative communities reacted against the Enlightenment and Industrialist movements (which sought to harness the natural environment in the pursuit of a better world). A Modern Romance features nine artists who use different approaches to depict urban and suburban environments in the twenty-first century. this new exhibition features contemporary figurative painters, photographers and video-makers who offer a very different take on the English landscape.

Lux Online Cinema Language Lessons

An online exhibition of artists' film and video circling around concepts and use of language and takes its title Steve Hawley and Tony Steyger's1994 Channel 4 documentary on invented languages. The exhibition is inspired by language and voice related art events in London during February 2012

12 Jan Firstsite Colchester

Lux Touring Programme the Undistributed Middle

This programme presents a selection of overlooked rarities and radical classics, drawn mostly from the 1970s and '80s, including works by Tim Bruce, Steve Hawley, Judith Goddard, Jenny Okun, Margeret Raspe, Sharon Sandusky and Triple Vision


03 December 2011–23 December 2011 Sheffield Institute of the Arts Gallery

Spool Loops

Lightwriting considers the relationship between word and image in artists’ experimental film and video. This programme of works by historically significant, established and emerging contemporary artists encompasses a range of approaches to mobilising the visual, semantic and linguistic with puns, palindromes and performance; referencing literature, philosophy, poetry, and media. Artists included: Steven Ball, Ian Breakwell and Mike Leggett, Steve Hawley, Louis Henderson, David Lamelas, Laure Prouvost, Richard Serra, Erica Scourti, John Smith, Pete Spence, Maria Theodoraki and Ryszard Wasko.

The exhibition is curated by Duncan White and Steven Ball at the British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection, Central St Martins College of Art and Design

CARPE Consortium on Applied Research and Professional Education

Utrecht November 2011 (with Dr. Peter Twigg)

Conference paper Motion Capture – Art, Technology & Collaboration

Abstract – Motion Capture, the digital recording of human movement via a suit fitted with sensors, has applications in commercial film making processes and many other fields, including sport and medicine. Masahiro Mori in 1970 coined the phrase the “uncanny valley” to describe the strangeness and almost revulsion that computer generated images possess when they approach near perfect (but not quite perfect) simulation of human appearance.  But it is precisely this uncanny quality that artists are interested in, influenced by Freuds’ famous essay of 1919 – on the Unheimliche (Un-homely – Uncanny).  Steve Hawley along with many other artists has been investigating this in his contemporary filmmaking practice.

Lux Touring Programme the Undistributed Middle

14.9.2011 South London Art Gallery

The Undistributed Middle and Other Fallacies in the Home

LUX holds a collection of over 5000 films and videos by artists, dating from the earliest days of film to the present. Some of these works are well-known and regularly exhibited, but others have been little seen since they were first made. Often it is only these visible, shown works that remain in circulation and continue to gain value from their exposure. The Undistributed Middle is an attempt to bring to light those works which are not easily categorised; works which though valuable have not been validated.This programme presents a selection of overlooked rarities and radical classics, drawn mostly from the 1970s and '80s, including works by Tim Bruce, Steve Hawley, Judith Goddard, Jenny Okun, Margeret Raspe, Sharon Sandusky and Triple Vision

Re-Covering| Curate by Mike Chavez-Dawson

17 June - 31 July 2011

Featuring over 40 artists including David Shrigley, Billy Childish, Magda Archer, and Harry Hill.

International Anthony Burgess Foundation June 2011

Actor - video installation and curated show

Each of the artists comes from a different background, interested in new forms of narrative, in linguistics, in coding, or in performance, and the archive has been filtered through their personal viewpoint to create new artefacts and experiences.

If they have one thing in common, with Burgess and with each other, it is in their grounding in storytelling, where, as with Burgess, the starting point of the story with its roots in reality and the everyday, becomes transmuted through the research and creative process into mythology.

15 S1 artspace 11 December 10 - 5 February 2011

We Have Fun Drawing Conclusions

The Fifteen project includes the exhibition, an archive, talks programme and a publication. exhibition includes: Tom Bloor - Chris Clarke - Sean Edwards - Tommy Grace - Paul Housley - George Henry Longly - Duncan Marquiss - Haroon Mirza – Julie Westerman - Ryan Mosely - James Richards - Matthew Smith - Sarah Staton - Rosanna Traina - Nicole Wermers - Haegue Yang – Florian Roithmayr – James Pyman – Josephine Flynn – Babak Ghazi – Steve Dutton and Percy Peacock – Jim Prevett – Matthew Harrison – Ruth Claxton

Conference paper

Yarn: Manchester as a web of generative narrative

MeCCSA 2011 conference at the Lowry Salford, 12-14 January 2011.

Nov 2010 Voyage to the surface of the screen Catalogue essay on HD video

Published to accompany the Cornerhouse exhibition, UnSpooling: Artists & Cinema, curated by artists Andrew Bracey and Dave Griffiths.

This illustrated catalogue explores how international contemporary artists are deploying text, image, sound, chemistry, light, personal archives, gesture and spoken word to prompt reflection on past, present and potential forms of cinema.The catalogue includes insightful contextual essays by Andrew Bracey, Dave Griffiths, Dr. Janet Harbord and Professor Steve Hawley.

The Extent of Three Bells as part of a two-programme overview of British video art from the LUX collection which screened at Videozone 5, a biennial which took place in Tel Aviv in late November.

Light Writing programme to move to the Banner Repeater space on

platform 1 of Hackney Downs railway station.

Friday 3 December through to 23 January, with a Christmas/New Year break between 23 December and 4 January.

Spool Loops, a palindromic video atCentral St Martins School of Art and Design. Light Writing.Thursday 7 Oct with a performance in the window by Taka Iimura at 7pm: from 7 - 11pm every night until 21 October

Whitechapel Art Gallery Sunday 26 September, 4.30-5.45pm
Zilkha Auditorium (Free) Film: Oblique Texts/Visual Dialects

The second instalment of a two-day film programme curated by William English, this afternoon looks askance at invented languages with a sequence of short films.

Language Lessons, Steve Hawley and Tony Steyger, 1994, (35 mins)

Gibberish, George Barber, 2009 (5 mins)

John Cage Performs James Joyce, Takahiko Iimura, 1985 (15 mins)

Poemfield 3, Stan Vanderbeek, 1967 (6 mins)

Unnatural Order, Andrew Greaves, 2004 (14 mins)

September 8th  We Have Fun Drawing Conclusions presented as part of *'Polytechnic' An exhibition at Raven Row London September 2010.

*The exhibition presents works by a number of artists working in the

UK in the late 1970's and 1980's who who were developing new

relationships with language and narrative in their work, and a new

engagement with popular culture and lived experience. Artists include: Steve Hawley John Adams, Ian Breakwell, Iain Bourn, Marc Chamiowicz, David Critchley Cate Elwes, Roberta Graham, Susan Hiller, Stuart Marshall, Cordelia Swann, Graham Young.

June/July 2010. Not to Scale installation shown at Mardin Biennale Turkey.

April 2010. Yarn (aka Clockwork melodrama) shown as installation at Australian International Experimental Film Festival, Melbourne.

April 2010. Presented paper at International Society for the Study of Narrative in Cleveland Ohio - A Million and One Nights; Generative Narrative and New Technologies. Screening of Yarn and other generative narrative works.

March 2010. Salon Video Art prize. Not to Scale shown as installation at Matt Roberts Arts Project Space, Unit 1, 25 Vyner Street London E2

Feb 2010. Not to Scale screened at the Showroom Cinema Sheffield, as part of the Sheffield Pavilion 2009. This  was originally screened and distributed during the opening days of the 11th Istanbul Biennial at Büyük Londra Hotel, presenting the work of Sheffield-based artists and promoting contemporary art activity taking place in Sheffield, UK in an international context. It features an essay by artist / curator Ian White and is designed by renowned Sheffield-based design firm The Designers Republic.

Dec 2009. Not to Scale screened as part of Sheffield 09 in Cross Cutting, at Sierra Metro, Edinburgh.

Nov 2009. Not to Scale screened at Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, New Visions award.

Oct 2009. Launch of Rewind+Play, a Lux selection of key works from the first decade of artist’s video practice in the UK, including The Extent of Three Bells 1981.